Getting the right smile makeover treatments

Smile makeover is a cosmetic dentistry process which is also known as hollywood smile. This process combines veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and gum reshaping treatments to create a perfect smile.

Things to consider to get the right smile makeover treatments

1. Checking the health of your teeth

Your dentist will identify your dental treatment need with a dental examination, before the smile makeover process. Missing, unhealthy or decayed teeth have to be treated before the smile makeover process.

2. Checking the shape and alignment of your teeth

If there is no problem with your bite, if your teeth are slightly crooked and undamaged, porcelain veneers can be a possible treatment for you. But if you have a bite problem, have very crooked or damaged teeth, your dentist may suggest a tooth correction procedure or refer you to dental crowns prior to the smile design.

3. Checking the health of your gums

Gum disease can cause complications for your grin, like loose or lost teeth. You need a healthy gum before receiving any cosmetic dentistry services.

4. Defining your expectations

Smile makeover is a customized treatment that is determined according to the specific needs and cosmetic expectations of each patient. The key to correct smile design treatment is good communication with the dentist and defining the expectation

5. Choosing the right color and shape of your smile

After defining your expectations, your dentist will create a tailored plan with some of the aspects taken into consideration such as hair color, skin tone, lip line and the shape of your teeth. Last decision is yours. You can change the plan or pick any shade from the teeth color chart

6. Deciding the right treatment type

There are several cosmetic restoration options for smile design. Well-known treatments are porcelain laminate veneers and zirconia crowns. You should decide on the right type of treatment after your dental examination and consultation with your dentist. You can check the comparison, pros and cons at the link below to compare the types of treatment;

Veneers vs Crowns

7. Quality of material

There are lots of medical suppliers who produce CAD/CAM blocks for smile makeover treatments. Some European and American brands such as IPS e.max® , VITA ENAMIC® , Celtra ® , BruxZir ® are mostly used ones. Be sure that your dentist is using a high quality material for your treatment.

8. Dental clinic and dental laboratory is important

As an entirely customized treatment, smile makeover procedure success is not just about material used. For the perfect smile your veneers or crowns should come out by a highly experienced laboratory and application should be in a highly experienced clinic.

9. Smile makeover cost

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Cost Calculator

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