How to chose the right clinic for your dental treatment ?

For a dental treatment journey, most of the people try to choose the right clinic without any face to face contact. But this is a decision related to your health that you have to be careful about. 8 steps to consider for the right dental clinic for your treatment.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dental Clinic

1. Ask for the experience of medical staffs

First of all ask about the experience of dentists and the other medical staff. Choosing a clinic with a highly experienced and specialized medical team is one of the most important parts of your decision

2. Learn more about the dental clinic facility standards

As a second step, learn more about the clinic. Ask about the medical equipment infrastructure, consumables that they use, sterilization and hygiene standards. If you don't know about the dental clinic before, asking for photos or videos of the facility could give you enough idea about the standards and the hygiene.

3. Check the accreditations

Accreditations will be a good point to understand about the service quality of a dental clinic. You should ensure that you are dealing with a Ministry of Health registered dental clinic. You can start by asking for their registration paper to avoid from any scam clinic. Also having your treatment in a clinic accredited by international standards such as ISO, GHP can be a better decision for you.

4. Ask the medical consumables that will be used for your treatment

Do not just focus on the price. In the dental industry prices are medical consumables sensitive. So before comparing any price quote with the others, learn about the medical consumables that will be used for your treatment.

5. Consider the location

Medical tourism. . . But to where ? You have lots of options. With affordable prices, high quality medical service and tourist attractions; Turkey is one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

6. Make sure the staff understands your specific requirements

Healthy communication is the key to a successful dental treatment journey. Try to find a clinic that has staff who speak your language. These staff should understand your specific needs and assist you in planning treatment and pricing online.

7. Ensure you get a clear quote

In most dental treatments, patients may need some additional treatments that can be noticed after the consultation. This can change the healing process, number of visits, and treatment costs. Nobody likes cost changes and hidden costs. To arrange a hassle-free dental treatment journey, try to find a clinic with a transparent pricing policy and request a precise quote after consultation online. Sharing your x-rays will help in this regard.

8. Schedule an appointment

If you are sure of the 7 steps above, now is the time to make an appointment. If the clinic has teledentistry support, we recommend that you do a pre-assessment on a video or phone before scheduling an appointment for the visit.

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