Importance of the dental laboratory for cosmetic dentistry

Every cosmetic dentistry treatment ends after a laboratory process. Dentists and the laboratories are like two halves of an apple. For a high quality natural looking cosmetic dentistry treatment both halves have to be good enough.

Why is the dental laboratory crucial for cosmetic dentistry?

Porcelain veneers, zirconia and metal ceramic crowns all are custom-made. With this article we will mention the main reasons why a is the dental labs matters.

Quality and appearance of the false teeth

To have a high quality and perfect looking false teeth your laboratory needs to fulfil three main requirements. Using high quality dental consumables, having state-of-art laboratory infrastructure and working with well educated, highly experienced dental laboratory staff.

Quality and appearance of the false teeth

Each independent dental laboratory works with a group of clinics. For this reason, the working intensity of a laboratory changes. This can delay getting your dentures and extend your treatment time. Working with a clinic that has its own private laboratory can be the best way to have a seamless laboratory process.

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