Meet the affordable dental treatment. Dental Tourism is booming.

Dental tourism is a booming industry with some reasons such as, high costs in developed countries and lack of medical services in developing countries. Every day thousands of  people travel to another country with a purpose of having a high quality affordable dental treatment.

What are the most popular procedures?

Most popular procedures are dental implants, porcelain veneers and zirconia crowns.

Why is it so popular?

1. No waiting time

Unlike the dental clinics in most countries, medical tourism focused clinics have no waiting time. You can even make an appointment for the next day.

2. Plenty of option for dental treatment

The countries who are leading in the medical tourism industry have lots of specialist and facility options for the potential patients abroad. These specialists and clinics provide several bundles that combine the treatment with a holiday as well.

3. Affordable prices

Developed countries are known for their high cost of medical services. In countries that provide medical services to patients abroad, such as Turkey, there is an average of 70% cost advantage.

In the chart below you can compare the most popular treatment costs.

EU Avg.
UK Avg.
US Avg.
Godent Turkey
Porcelain Veneers





Zirconia Crowns





Dental Implant





Full Arch Dental Implant





Why is it cheaper?

There are 4 main reasons how dental treatment can be cheaper in a country which makes medical tourism.

  • Cost-competitive high skilled labor
  • Cost advantage of bulk purchase for dental consumables
  • Higher demand, lower profit strategy
  • High competition

Getting a quotation

Professional clinics who accept patients from abroad mostly have an online quotation system. Some of them also have free teledentistry support such as Godent Dental Clinic. By sharing your x-rays file and medical documents you can get an online quote and dental treatment planning in minutes.

How to plan dental treatment abroad?

Medical tourism-oriented clinics have patient case managers who speak different languages. Your case manager can help organize your concierge needs for your trip.

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