Teledentistry boosting the dental tourism

The digital revolution is speeding up and the penetration of digital healthcare is growing. After the pandemic people started to avoid face-to-face contacts if it's not strictly necessary. This revolution helps the patients to find affordable treatment overseas a lot. Mostly the patients who want to have a dental treatment.

What is teledentistry ?

Teledentisry is based on telecommunication systems such as video and phone conferencing infrastructure. These infrastructures are supported with a specific software to meet the needs for an examination between dental specialists and the patient online. 

1. Video or phone consultation

Telediagnosis is the main step of a teledentistry process. And it may be as useful as a face to face consultation if you already have your x-rays and medical documents in digital. With enough data, your dental specialist can make a complete diagnosis and share the opinions with you by using screen sharing skills of the teledentistry application.

2. Telediagnosis

As a second step, learn more about the clinic. Ask about the medical equipment infrastructure, consumables that they use, sterilization and hygiene standards. If you don't know about the dental clinic before, asking for photos or videos of the facility could give you enough idea about the standards and the hygiene.

3. Online treatment planning and quotation

With a teledentistry support you can plan your approximating treatment with your dental specialist. If the plan is based on panoramic x-rays without an examination it will be highly accurate. 

In addition, Godent Dental Clinic offers an online pricing and quotation tool for potential patients who are clear about their needs. Using this tool and choosing their needs and priorities, patients can get a treatment plan and quote on their own in seconds.

4. HIPAA-compliant, secure electronic health record system (EHR)

For the safety of your personal data we recommend you to communicate with your clinic via a HIPAA compliant teledentistry software. HIPAA sets the standards for sensitive patient data security. Professional clinics and teledentistry infrastructures are mostly HIPAA-compliant. As Godent Dental Clinic all of our electronic health records and video conferencing software is HIPAA compliant.

The effect of teledentistry on dental tourism 

For dental tourism the main challenge for the patient is finding the right clinic and getting a smooth dental treatment plan and quote which fits the specific requirements of the patient. Teledentistry is here to help both sides. By the effect of teledentistry dental tourism is growing and becoming more effective every day.

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