What is dental implant cost in Turkey?

As a medical tourism hub Turkey is one of the top destinations for dentistry abroad. Despite using the same brand and quality dental implants, implant treatment prices in Turkey are on average 80% lower cost than Europe, UK and the United States.

Which factors affect the costs of dental implants in Turkey?

There are 4 main reasons behind the cost effective dental implant treatment in Turkey. 

1. Cost-competitive high skilled labor

With its young population and 32.7 million overall labor force, Turkey has a cost-competitive skilled labor. This high skilled and competitive labor force decreases the dentistry costs.

2. Cost advantage of bulk purchase for dental implants

Buying dental implants in bulk gives you the chance to get huge discounts, so large clinics have better costs for the same dental implants.

3. Higher demand, lower profit strategy

Compared to clinics in the EU, UK and USA, dental clinics in Turkey are performing many more treatments every day. Because of this, those clinics earn from high demand with a less profit share.

4. High competition

As a fact of having a large number of dental clinics, dentistry in Turkey is highly competitive. This competition forces the dental clinics to provide high quality dental treatment with affordable prices.

Dental implant cost in Turkey

Each country, and in some cases, different regions of countries have different prices for dental implants. We have prepared a comparison chart of some popular dental implant brands with EU, UK and US prices. You can compare these prices with dental implant prices in Turkey. Implant prices for Turkey are based on Godent Dental Clinic Istanbul's list price.

Godent Turkey
BEGO Semados®





Straumann® Zinedent





Straumann SLActive®





  • Prices include dental implant and abutment. Crown cost will be added to the cost depending on the crown type.

Is the dental implant prices in Turkey a scam?

If you are dealing with a representative of a professional clinic, you will have a hassle free treatment journey with clear pricing and no hidden cost. To make your treatment hassle free and ensure that you are dealing with the right clinic you can check our post below.

How to choose right clinic for your dental treatment

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